Goedgemerkt Amersfoort

Goedgemerkt is a fast growing company that supplies name labels internationally.

Innovative and Smart Lighting Solution for Goedgemerkt

Goedgemerkt is a fast-growing company that supplies name labels internationally. The production hall was considered to need a light level of 1000lux with a preference for dimmable or smart lighting in the offices. The company has been fully equipped with smart lighting in the offices, due to which optimum savings are achieved using sensors, corridor features, and daylight control. LED Trunking has been installed in the production hall.



The result: a splendid and calm light scene thanks to the indirect light from the Monza luminaires is clearly noticeable as soon as you enter the offices. There is more than sufficient light in the production hall to facilitate accurate work and be able to guarantee the reliability of their products.