TUI Zaventem - Part 1

TUI Zaventem recently partnered with OPPLE Lighting to perform a comprehensive upgrade of their lighting system.

As part of their ongoing efforts to reduce emissions and comply with increasingly stringent environmental regulations, TUI Zaventem recently partnered with OPPLE Lighting and Cebeo on a comprehensive upgrade of their lighting system. As a result, significant energy savings, improved light quality and greater work efficiency have been achieved in their facilities.


In line with recent EU directives to reduce hazardous substances, including those in traditional fluorescent and gas discharge lamps, TUI switched to energy-efficient LED Highbays from OPPLE. In addition to meeting environmental regulations, this switch to LED lighting has also provided TUI with significant savings. This is due to the long life, high light output and energy efficiency of LED lighting.


With the 1-on-1 replacement to LED Highbay, TUI will have returned this investment in less than 2 years. Moreover, the switch has resulted in annual energy savings of €47,000, underlining the long-term financial benefits of this eco-friendly lighting solution.

In addition to the financial savings, the new LED lighting solution also promotes worker well-being, due to improved lighting conditions. In addition to improving working conditions, the new lighting solution also caters to TUI's specific needs, such as group switching of aircraft for aircraft maintenance and repair work.


This successful collaboration highlights how businesses can reap significant benefits, both environmentally and economically, by switching to energy-efficient LED lighting. OPPLE Lighting is proud to be a part of this transition and happy to announce that we are currently expanding the LED lighting for TUI Zaventem in the outdoor area. More information on this project will follow when it is finalized.


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