Tennisclub De Groote Wielen

Highly Functional and Adaptable Lighting for Tennisclub De Groote Wielen

Highly Functional and Adaptable Lighting for Tennisclub De Groote Wielen

Tennisclub De Groote Wielen, nestled in the newly build district of De Groote Wielen in Rosmalen, is a small-scale tennis club, where members can play at anytime on one of the four SmashCourts. As the club aimed to transition to LED lighting solutions, they found the expertise they were looking for in OPPLE Lighting Europe.


Project highlights

Being situated in a residential area, it was crucial for the club to have LED lighting that not only provided optimal illumination but also minimized potential glare and light pollution. Besides that sustainability and cost savings were also important to the tennis club.

OPPLE's First generation of the LED Flood Light for Sports, in combination with the smart converter (1-10V), became the ideal fit for the club. As maximum power is not always needed, this Smart Lighting solution offeres adjustable brightness levels, ensuring both energy efficiency and significant cost savings.

The primary modification required for the tennis court involved the installation of a neutral wire. Once this was efficiently handled by the installer, setting up the lights was straightforward and hassle-free. Throughout the process, OPPLE's product manager extended commendable support, assisting with light adjustments and facilitating the Smart app setup.



The transformation was impressive. Compared to the old conventional lighting, OPPLE’s LED Floodlights offer crystal-clear visibility on the courts. The remote switching and dimming feature is a game-changer and much appreciated by the club's management. During regular play, the lights function at 60%, which can be scaled up to 80% or even 100% during official matches. This flexibility not only provides optimal playing conditions but also aids in energy conservation.

The Tennisclub De Groote Wielen has expressed great satisfaction with the lighting upgrade. Besides the clear improvements in lighting quality and adaptability, the club especially greatly appreciated the support and service from our product manager, which made the transition smooth and efficient.