Würth Shop

Lima luminaires and Downlights Performer for Würth Belgium

Lima luminaires and Downlights Performer for Würth Belgium

This project took place at the Würth shop on Everdongenlaan, Turnhout, Belgium, in a retail setting. Würth Group, a global market leader in fastening and assembly materials, operates worldwide with over 400 companies and 2,500 branches in 80 countries.

OPPLE Lighting was chosen for the project after a collaborative process with the installer. A sample was proposed and tested in the shop to enable Würth to make an informed decision about relighting their Turnhout store.

The lighting needs of the project were to provide sufficient light in every aisle of the shop and fit downlighters into existing ceiling cutouts. The selected products included 52 units of LIMA, 27 units of Downlight HG, including Adapters.

The chosen lighting products offered the benefit of reusing existing ceiling cut-outs, eliminating the need for necessary changes to the ceiling and ensuring a seamless integration of the new lighting solution into the retail space.