Robust and efficient solution for SBZ AG

Robust and efficient solution for SBZ AG

SBZ Schlachtbetrieb Zürich AG is one of the larger Swiss abattoirs and ensures safe compliance with industry standards with around 70 highly trained employees. The history of the company in the Zurich city area dates back to 1863 and is characterised by permanent development. 


Project hightlights

Recently SBZ AG partnered with OPPLE Lighting Europe for a complete lighting overhaul. Given the facility's industrial nature, the new lighting solution needed to be both robust and efficient, capable of withstanding heavy-duty cleaning and providing high light levels for safe operations and enhancing the working environment.

We provided two durable and highly efficient lighting solutions: Waterproof Special IP69K and Waterproof EcoMax. In total 200 pieces of the IP69K rated, 54W 4000K luminaires, and 60 Waterproof EcoMax 37W 4000K luminaires for various side rooms were installed. Both lighting solutions offered the highest protection standards against dirt and moisture, ensuring their longevity and consistent performance in challenging environments.



The project resulted in a substantial increase in the light level, enhancing both operational efficiency and worker satisfaction. OPPLE’s custom lighting solution delivered resilience and efficiency, tailored for SBZ AG's challenging environment.


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